Organic: A quest for better eating habits. Or is it?


 Organic: a quest for better eating habits


This morning I stumbled on a great opinion article in the New York Times about something I talked about in an earlier post.  In 7 reasons why I eat organic, I shortly explain why I am not completely against GMOs, but why I oppose GMOs being unregulated and mislabeled in food. 

This opiniated article written by Mark Bittman explains more in depth what I really think about GMOs, organics and the use of pesticides in our food chain.

Here’s an excerpt: 

“What about labeling? I’m in favor of transparency — I want to know what’s in my food — and labeling G.M.O.’s may well be the thin end of the wedge. But that G.M.O.’s are in the forefront of the battle for transparency is perhaps unfortunate, since they play on irrational fears and are far less worrisome than the intensive and virtually unregulated use of antibiotics and agricultural chemicals.” (Source here)

The reality of our food chain is not black and white, and I think people battling food issues, whether it be “organic” or “GMOs” are never 100% right.  What I actually believe in is a healthier diet, free of pesticides and antibiotics, that is locally sourced. 

Do I actually do what I preach 100% of the time?  I wish I did, but I still eat bananas and mangos way too often.  I am lucky enough that I live in California, so I can enjoy a vast array of locally sourced fruits and vegetables.  But I still see way too many imported products on the grocery shelves.

I believe every little step helps, and that is why I this year I am growing a garden that I hope will provide enough veggies for me to reduce my grocery bill from the most expensive food store in America. Moreover, I don’t eat junk food.

I also plan on buying from farmer’s markets on a regular basis.  Being from Montreal where the Jean-Talon Market (a large partially indoor farmer’s market) is open 7 days a week, I find it difficult to use a week-end day to attend my city’s farmer’s market.  But I just discovered there’s another one on a weekday in a neighbouring town. 

Never forget that you are voting with your dollar each and every day.


Read the full article here.


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