Lemon-Lime Tree and a glass of wine




As I was enjoying a glass of wine last weekend, I kinda had an epiphany.  

I had been in the garden for a major portion of the day, working on my tomato plants that aren’t doing so well and clearly disappointing me.  After having been away for 2 weeks a major cleanup was in order and that is exactly what I was doing.

I had spent the day cutting dead tomato leaves and throwing these away.  I believe blight has attacked my tomato plants, and while I still don’t know what it is and what I can do about it, at least I have a basis of knowledge and a subject to put into the Google search bar. 

But back to the wine.  Here’s my piece of advice for the day: always get back to the wine.

After that crazy day in the garden, the wine was obviously delicious and as I was savouring each drop, I stopped to look at my lemon tree.  Here goes my thought process.

“This one also hasn’t been doing well since I bought it over 2 years ago.  First of all, the lemons are tiny.  Like golf balls.  Plus, they almost never turn yellow, unless they are about to drop from the tree (over riping?). And they taste very sour. Also, they don’t have the shape of a lemon.  They are not oval-like, but more roundish.  Like limes.  That’s it, they look like limes.  Are they limes? Can’t be, cause the tag clearly say it’s lemons!  But it really looks like limes.”

Then, as the sky fell on me and light came down from heaven, I realized that the tag was wrong, and that what I had believed to be a lemon tree for over 2 years is not a lemon tree, but in fact a lime tree.  I took another sip of wine as I processed this new discovery.

It clearly IS a lime tree!

I feel so stupid and foolish to have thought during almost 3 summers that this was a lemon tree.  How many limes have I discarded because I believed they were bad?  I was about to throw in the towel and put that tree to the garbage bin, believing it must have caught some unknown disease (I already told you I really don’t have a green thumb)…

The next day I picked a lime from my LIME tree, and when I tasted it, expecting lime, it was delicious.  There you go.

Now I have to hurry and pick all the ones that began turning yellow before they overripe.  

Now, who said no great problem has ever been solved with wine?

Lemon-Lime tree

If you look closely, you can still clearly see the yellow tag stating this is a lemon tree




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