Leaving the rat race

Have you ever thought of leaving the rat race behind? I think about this Every. Single. Day.

I’ve always been different.  I mean, different from my family.  My parents got married in their early 20s and bought a house. Then they had kids.  The riskiest move they made was moving a 2-hour drive away from their family.

Both my sisters followed in their footsteps.  My older sibling moved closer to where she was born, while my other sister lives a 15-minute drive from my parents’ home. 

Even though I grew up in a traditional way, a part of me just doesn’t want this kind of life. I don’t have a house.  I don’t wish for a picket fence (except maybe when I’m old and gray).  I live over 3,000 miles away from where I was born. I don’t believe working 9 to 5 (nowadays more like 9 to 7) 5 days a week is a good way of living.  When I had a “real” job, I still wasn’t happy with the commute, work, sleep way of living. Something was missing from my life. Even though I’m now a SAHM, something is still missing in my life.

You see, I am full of contradictions.

I have dreams people around me never thought of, never even considered. And when I say them out loud, they think I’m crazy. That one can’t really live this way and be happy. That it’s not sustainable in the long run. That it won’t make me happy.

So I hesitate. I’m so different from them maybe I’m wrong and they are right. Maybe there’s something I missed.  Could it be possible that I just don’t get it? Or maybe not.  Maybe being different is fine.  Maybe I should do what I think I should. How can one take the path less traveled without looking back?  How can you leave everything you know and step into the unknown without fear?

When I am in a superstore, sometimes it hits me right in the face.  I stand there, looking at everyone, and I wonder why they live this way without going crazy.  People shopping at Target on a weekend, their kids in tow, buying stuff they probably don’t really need but that will make them happy short term. Saturday is for cleaning their big house, and Sunday is for running errands. I am here, too.  That is my life.

Why do we do that? Working 5 days a week, spending the other two running around town so we can be ready to go back to work on Monday? Wait for our 2 short weeks of vacation a year to really enjoy life? Counting the years before we finally retire? And by then we’re obese, have lost the will to live an adventure and are to sick to even consider it. I live like that and it’s not making me happy. But more and more I wonder why I don’t just go. 

I dream of travel. I dream of adventure.  I dream of discovering new places, eating new foods and just enjoying life as it is.  No more boring work.  No more shopping buying useless crap to keep up with the Joneses. 

Yet, I’m still here. I don’t dare to take the plunge, but I can’t wait to do it.

My husband seems to feel exactly like me.  Sometimes I even convince him to take the step.  Sometimes he’s the one doing the convincing.  

I am hesitating.  We are brainwashed to live like we do by the government, the medias and all of our surroundings.  Leaving the rat race seems like such a drastic step.  

So the question is: Should I stay or should I go?

And how about you? Have you ever thought of leaving the rat race?

The Rat Race


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