How to grow cucumbers



I just love gardening.  It is so rewarding. As I heard so many times: Planting a garden is like printing your own money. 

Two years ago I did plant a garden, but my cucumber plant only yielded a few cucumbers.  My fault, as I didn’t know it was best to stake them, and either watered them too much or too little (probably the latter). This year, I’m taking over growing these again, and since I don’t want to repeat my mistakes I’ve decided to dig up some information about growing cucumbers.

I decided to plant these cucumbers.

How to grow cucumbers


Here’s a summary of the information I found helpful:

  • You can grow them in container (although mine are in the garden)
  • They do better in full sun
  • It’s a good idea to grow a few plants to ensure cross pollination
  • They do better with  stakes (at least the vining variety)
  • The soil should be moist most of the time to ensure sweet cucumbers and a great yield
  • The type I planted (Organic Double Yield Cucumber) is better picked around 4-5 inches long
  • They should be picked when ready to ensure a bountiful yield


Here are great links if you want to learn more about cucumbers:

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