E-marketing is the new marketing

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First published on Aug 11, 2010.


You’ve heard this a zillion time in the last 5 years.  Things like “Internet is changing the way we do marketing” or like “Internet marketing is growing and should be a part of your marketing strategies” or even worse ” Internet is changing the face of the world”.  Catchy sentences like that, you’ve heard more than a ton.  From supposedly marketing professionals who want to look like they know what they’re talking about.  These are expressions professionals said 3 years ago.  Everyone knows now that Internet is changing the way we do marketing, and that a web-based marketing strategy should be part of the budget.


 Here is a different mindset than what a lot of marketers have when it comes to e-marketing.  E-marketing shouldn’t only be a part of the marketing budget.  Because today, e-marketing is the new marketing.  The way we do marketing has changed enormously in the last 5 years and it cannot go back to what it used to be. You have to stop thinking of your marketing plan like traditional marketing channels plus e-marketing.


The web is now the most important medium now (another catchy expression) and should be more than just considered. E-marketing is not only a marketing channel, it is now a whole strategy. E-commerce website, Email Marketing, Social Media, PPC, SEO, Adwords, Analytics, A/B testing, Internet campaigns, these should all be part of the “new” marketing strategic plan.


When creating a marketing plan, stop thinking your marketing strategies as of traditional marketing channels and then, if you have time, the e-marketing strategies.  Stop spending your budget on traditional marketing channels first and then what’s left of your budget on e-marketing.  E-marketing is not only a part of your marketing plan, it is now becoming its ultimate medium.


Start your plan by thinking about how you want to achieve your objectives, and how can you do it on a more creative basis?   Using e-marketing.  How are you gonna incorporate e-marketing tools to increase sales, or awareness of your brand/product?  And how much will this strategy cost, in dollars and in time/resources?


When you’re done about the e-marketing part of your marketing plan, then think of how you can incorporate the traditional marketing channels to complete your program.  How are they usable to achieve your objectives?


It can be advisable to base your strategy first on traditional marketing channels like Tv, radio, prints, direct marketing, PR events, etc.  But most of the time, when creating your marketing plan, the part you should schedule first is the e-marketing strategies.


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