What’s a child’s life on a boat like

May 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

I stumbled on this blog post from Wandering Dolphin this morning.  I’ve been following theses guys for a few months now, as I’m curious about how a family decides to get out of the traditional way of living and actually live on a boat.  It’s what I’m aiming for, but stepping outside the box sometimes feels so hard and complicated.  I think it’s something we tend to overanalyze and overcomplicate because it is so out of the ordinary. If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, you’ll see I have a board called “One day, I’ll sail away”.   I would like my children to grow up in a different way.  There’s nothing wrong about growing in the suburbs and attending regular school (I know, because I was raised that way).  But just as traveling broadens your horizons, I think traveling as a child opens your mind even more.  This plan to sail away is just a plan right now, but we are setting it in motion slowly so that in a few years time, when our children are a little older, we are able to make the move. As you can see from the post, growing up on a boat looks quite appealing when you set aside society’s critical mind. A great read.  

It all started at the library

April 21, 2014 // 0 Comments

Lately I’ve been wondering why I am so afraid to take the plunge into a different life (here and here). I think it all started at the library. When I was a kid, my mother used to bring my 2 older sisters and I to the city’s library on a regular basis. There, we would check-out books and games.  I loved going to the library and I always brought home more books than I could read. One time, I must have been 5 or 6, my sisters and I were in there, checking out books. Roaming around, I decide to step over to a new section.  Suddenly, my sister K tells me that I can’t go over to that section (for kids 8 and up) because I am too young and I have to stay in the baby section. The 8+ section is forbidden to me. Now I know it was just some childish ranting, and I’m sure my sister didn’t mean to hurt me, but what she told me really got ingrained in my brain.  You’d think I would have rebelled against her, but I’ve always been shy.  My sister K, 2 years my elder, was also my “favorite sister”.  We were best friends, we were ALWAYS together. We even made plans to break down the wall separating our 2 bedrooms so we could share one big room (which, for obvious reasons, never happened). She was my idol, […]

What would you do?

April 16, 2014 // 0 Comments

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted? Following that post, I began to wonder what I would do if all the winning conditions were there and I could do whatever I wanted with my life. When there are no boundaries, and the sky is the limit, it really is hard to choose. There are a gazillion things I’d like to do, but how am I supposed to prioritize? So many things to do, with so little time… Maybe I need to start a list of the things I’d do.  Here it is: I would like to travel the world.  Discover it’s beauty, different cultures and places few people have ever been. I’d like to have another child, because I have this feeling that something, someone, is missing and that my family is incomplete.   Be physically active, just like the old days.  Climb, hike, run, scuba dive everywhere in the world. Be part of a community.  You know, the close-knit community type that sticks together no matter what. One day have my own business. When I’m old, settle down in a nice small house away from the crowds, a big garden and lots of crafts.   The thing is, all the winning conditions are here.  I am free.  I am healthy.  I’m not in debt. Why am I not pursuing my dream?  

Leaving the rat race

April 13, 2014 // 0 Comments

Have you ever thought of leaving the rat race behind? I think about this Every. Single. Day. I’ve always been different.  I mean, different from my family.  My parents got married in their early 20s and bought a house. Then they had kids.  The riskiest move they made was moving a 2-hour drive away from their family. Both my sisters followed in their footsteps.  My older sibling moved closer to where she was born, while my other sister lives a 15-minute drive from my parents’ home.  Even though I grew up in a traditional way, a part of me just doesn’t want this kind of life. I don’t have a house.  I don’t wish for a picket fence (except maybe when I’m old and gray).  I live over 3,000 miles away from where I was born. I don’t believe working 9 to 5 (nowadays more like 9 to 7) 5 days a week is a good way of living.  When I had a “real” job, I still wasn’t happy with the commute, work, sleep way of living. Something was missing from my life. Even though I’m now a SAHM, something is still missing in my life. You see, I am full of contradictions. I have dreams people around me never thought of, never even considered. And when I say them out loud, they think I’m crazy. That one can’t really live this […]

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