Hello, I’m Christelle.

Marketer turned stay at home mom of one amazingly cute and bright kid.  I love life, food, crafts and anything travel.

From rock climbing to sewing, running to food and crochet, I aspire to inspire you to ditch the reality TV Show and live a great life full of passions.





How it all started
Born a French Canadian, I moved to California in 2010 and got married to my wonderful husband.  American Immigration laws being what they are (stuck in the 50s), I had to leave a fruitful career in Marketing to become a housewife.

Being a housewife when I was raised to be independent pretty much sucked.  But on the brighter side I got plenty of time on my hands to try lots of activities, which in turn became passions.

While a housewife, I discovered food.  I’ve always cooked from scratch, but I decided to bring it up a notch.  I switched to organic. I reorganized our meals to eat less meat and more veggies. Tried new recipes and worked on my relationship with bread…

I also did a lot of outdoor activities, such as scuba diving, hiking, camping. Activities that really help you get thought the rough patches in life and make you appreciate the small things.

I got a head start in gardening.  My totally brown thumb is getting lighter and hopefully one day it’ll be green…  

I read many books.  Novels, marketing books, cookbooks, e-books. I took up crochet, got my sewing machine out of storage and going.

My husband and I travelled a lot.  We visited places I never thought I’d see and made plans to travel a whole lot more in the future. And maybe, maybe, this traveling passion will dictate our future.  It’s in the books… 


What Now?

Years later, I am now happy to stay home and raise my wonderful son.  As much as I am a marketing geek, I wouldn’t trade being a stay at home mom for a high level marketing job.  My son’s education is too important to me to be left in someone else’s hands and I am lucky enough that I can afford it financially. I’ll trade in some tips and probably post some confessions, because as we all know, nobody is perfect.

So this blog is about all the things I discovered when I had time to look for it, and everything that’s been happening with these passions ever since.