7 Favorites places to buy yarn online

You’ve got to know, I love love, LOVE yarn.  Without being a yarn hoarder, I buy a lot of yarn.  I believe that great yarn is the key to the gates of heaven, nothing less.  And the more I know about yarn, the more money I am willing to spend to get the best fibers.  

My Local Yarn Store (LYS) is great, and this is where I attend Knit night and spend a marvellous two hours every week talking about my passion with other like-minded people.  I find wonderful yarn there too.  But sometimes I want or need to buy yarn somewhere else, especially when I am looking to work on a special project.

So, I often find myself browsing the web for the best yarn.  Here are my top online ressources to find the nicest and softest yarn on earth.


7 – Yarn Factory Outlet – E-Tent

Ok, this is the place where you can get loads of staple yarn.  Mostly acrylic and worsted weight yarns in bulk.  Popular brands that you commonly find in craft stores.  As a “yarn snob” I very rarely buy from them,  but if you are looking for massive amounts of entry level yarn this is THE place to shop.


6 – Craftsy

I have taken a few classes on Craftsy (stay tuned for a review), and realized they also sell yarn online. They carry great brands, like Cascade Yarns, Madelinetosh, Plymouth and Lorna’s Lace.  You can often get great deals, but you have to hurry up if you want the best color selection.  


5 – Webs – Yarn.com

I spend a lot of time browsing this website.  You can find a lot of variety of brands, weights and styles there.  It’s the Toys ‘R Us store for yarn.  Plus, they have a huge closeout section and the more you buy the more you save (20% of orders of 60$ or more, 25% on orders over 120$). Moreover, like them on Facebook and you can get “Steve Deal of the Day” discount on specific yarn.


4 – Knit Picks

I recently passed an order with them, and honestly I like how the shopping process went.  They probably should upgrade the size of the yarn pictures, but when you get used to the site it is quite easy to navigate. Follow them on social media and you can get tips on upcoming sales and deals.


3 – Yarnbox

For some it might be surprising to see Yarnbox showing up here, but let me explain.  Yarnbox is a subscription based service where they send you yarn from small producers according to specifications you have previously entered.  I got a subscription for my birthday and I really enjoy it (stay tuned for a review). One thing you must know is that they have an overstock store, and that’s where you can buy remaining skeins of previous shipments.

The great thing about this service is that you usually get yarn that is worth more than the price of your subscription, but moreover you get to work with different brands and types of fibers every month!  

And when you find something you really like you can buy it through their overstock store, or even go straight to the source and buy from that specific yarn company. What a great way to discover new dyers!



2 – Etsy

Well, this one is pretty well known.  I am a sucker for the underdog, and find that what small dyers lack in marketing and sometimes professionalism, they more than compensate in quality and personal service.  I love to browse for yarn there.  My favorite shops are: Serendipidye, Black Sheep Dyeworks, January Yarns and LYDIAYarn.  Don’t be afraid to trust the small shops, I’m sure you won’t regret it!


1 – Ravelry Destash Pages


I have been a member of Ravelry for a while, but it took me a long time to find out you can sell your stash to other members on Ravelry.  

I had previously heard of a brand called “The Plucky Knitter“, but never could put my hands on a few skeins to see what the fuss was all about (BTW she sells on Etsy).  Well, through a fellow knitter I discovered that there is a destash page on it’s Ravelry group.  Ever since I’ve been religiously stalking the destash thread for bases and colors I would like to add to my stash.  Stay tuned as I’ll hopefully show you a finished item made with that yarn soon!

You can also browse through all of Ravelry’s community stashed yarns to find what you are looking for. Ravelry has a “will sell or trade” search feature that makes it easy to approach fellow knitters willing to part with some yarn, for all brands, fibers and even lot numbers.  Wow.  Mindblowing. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!



So, what’s your favorite place to buy yarn online? 

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