What to do with Radish Leaves

I’ve decided to plant a garden this year.  I bought seeds in February from a trusted supplier and began the sowing process indoor a few weeks later (this is California).  The first seeds I transplanted outside were Organic Cherry Belle Radish.

My first batch of radishes is getting ready to be picked up and eaten.  I’ve always wondered if the leaves are edible, and browsing through the web I got my answer.  In fact, it seems like radish tops may contain as much as six times the amount of Vitamin C as the root! 

Now that I have a bunch of fresh leaves I think I’ll try these recipes.  Don’t they look delicious? 

Radish Leaves Pesto Recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini

Roasted Radish with Radish Greens from Food and Wine

Rustic Radish Soup from Food 52


photo (28) 

Want more information on radishes?  Here are 7 facts about radishes.

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