The Honest Company diaper review

The Honest Company Diapers Review

The Honest Company Diapers

While I was pregnant, I did a lot of research regarding diapers.  First, I wanted to go with cloth diapers, and did sew a lot of inserts and cloth diapers thinking I’d used these.

And while I wish I went with cloth diapering instead of using disposable because it is so much more environmentally-friendly, I ended up using disposables (mostly because we don’t have in-unit washer and dryer, and having to go out and carry dirty diapers with a baby in tow is a lot harder than it seems).

I tried a bunch of different brands, beginning with the “eco-diapers” (Seventh Generation and stuff) and finally ended up with 2 brands I really like: Huggies Natural Care and The Honest Company.

I’m a big sucker for the underdog, and while Huggies have great diapers, I also want to encourage a relatively small company who makes great products. The Honest Company is that.  Famous for its founder, Hollywood star Jessica Alba, this organization features great quality, environmentally-friendly products. 

The diapers are great, plus you can buy these in bundles if you want, which saves you money.  I personally order them only when I need them because I enjoy my freedom to choose as a consumer and I switch from Huggies to Honest every diaper change.  

They are free of unnecessary chemicals and plant-based, yet they are gentle on my son’s tooshy.  I sincerely never had leaky diapers, and they have multiple designs which are so cute and adorable!  Every once in a while they will add new prints, which makes it fun because you never get bored with one single design. The “comic book” print is my favorite, although I can’t wait to try the “bicycles” one.

My husband has only one complain about these diapers, and it’s that he can’t smell the poo from far away because the diaper is too good at hiding bad smells… In my opinion, this ain’t a problem, it’s a blessing 😀

Overall, I’m hyped about this company and am slowly trying their other products.  If you’re looking for a new diaper for your child, this is the brand to try.

***This post has NOT been sponsored by The Honest Company.  All opinions are exclusively mine. 

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