Monday Coffee

April 7, 2014 // 0 Comments

Good morning folks! Today is a great day.  First of all, my wonderful son is still sleeping tight (past 8:15 AM, how lucky) and I just brew the most amazing coffee. While sipping my cup of Joe, I stumbled on this amazing infographic about pros and cons of coffee consumption from there.  Here it is below for your convenience. As with everything in life, coffee is better consumed in moderation.  I think people should investigate the source of their coffee and opt for better quality.  Going organic certainly is a great idea but if you can’t afford it, stick with great quality and good tasting coffee.   Ever since I switched from grocery store coffee to ordering my own from a trusted supplier where I visited the farm, I stopped putting additives like creams and sugar in my cup.  I now drink it black and it really truly tastes much better. Enjoy!