What would you do?

April 16, 2014 // 0 Comments

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted? Following that post, I began to wonder what I would do if all the winning conditions were there and I could do whatever I wanted with my life. When there are no boundaries, and the sky is the limit, it really is hard to choose. There are a gazillion things I’d like to do, but how am I supposed to prioritize? So many things to do, with so little time… Maybe I need to start a list of the things I’d do.  Here it is: I would like to travel the world.  Discover it’s beauty, different cultures and places few people have ever been. I’d like to have another child, because I have this feeling that something, someone, is missing and that my family is incomplete.   Be physically active, just like the old days.  Climb, hike, run, scuba dive everywhere in the world. Be part of a community.  You know, the close-knit community type that sticks together no matter what. One day have my own business. When I’m old, settle down in a nice small house away from the crowds, a big garden and lots of crafts.   The thing is, all the winning conditions are here.  I am free.  I am healthy.  I’m not in debt. Why am I not pursuing my dream?  

The world’s toughest job

April 15, 2014 // 0 Comments

Here’s a video that’s been going around lately in social medias.  It explains the world’s toughest job: being a mom.  I find the video well made, and although it paints the job a darker shade than it really is, it’s still somewhat accurate. Even if I don’t get breaks, or lunchtimes, or even vacations, I’m still glad to be a stay-at-home mom.  But I guess now I can add “Director of Operations” to my resume 😉    

Helene’s carrot cake

April 15, 2014 // 0 Comments

Here is one of my family’s heirloom…  My precious grandmother’s carrot cake recipe. It’s so good I can eat it all by myself.  I think the secret ingredient is what makes it so delicious!  Along with the cream cheese frosting 😉

How to get rid of squirrels naturally in your garden

April 14, 2014 // 0 Comments

Like most urban gardener, I found myself with a squirrel invasion in my small garden. For the first time I decided to fight back.  Browsing the Internet, I found a few great tips on how to get rid of squirrels without harsh use of chemicals. Here are the links I dug out (ha ha!) to get rid of those nasty rodents gnawing your precious plants: How to repel squirrels out of your garden  7 ways to keep squirrels from eating your tomatoes Flowers that repel squirrels Recipe for a natural squirrel repellent  The tip that keeps coming back is to spray your garden with chili pepper powder, or any kind of hot pepper spice, as it seems to deter the squirrels. It also seems that shooting the poor beasts is not a long-term solution 😉   

Leaving the rat race

April 13, 2014 // 0 Comments

Have you ever thought of leaving the rat race behind? I think about this Every. Single. Day. I’ve always been different.  I mean, different from my family.  My parents got married in their early 20s and bought a house. Then they had kids.  The riskiest move they made was moving a 2-hour drive away from their family. Both my sisters followed in their footsteps.  My older sibling moved closer to where she was born, while my other sister lives a 15-minute drive from my parents’ home.  Even though I grew up in a traditional way, a part of me just doesn’t want this kind of life. I don’t have a house.  I don’t wish for a picket fence (except maybe when I’m old and gray).  I live over 3,000 miles away from where I was born. I don’t believe working 9 to 5 (nowadays more like 9 to 7) 5 days a week is a good way of living.  When I had a “real” job, I still wasn’t happy with the commute, work, sleep way of living. Something was missing from my life. Even though I’m now a SAHM, something is still missing in my life. You see, I am full of contradictions. I have dreams people around me never thought of, never even considered. And when I say them out loud, they think I’m crazy. That one can’t really live this […]

Free Hoody Crochet Pattern

April 12, 2014 // 0 Comments

A few months ago I found this great hoody pattern on Ravelry for my son. If you’ve been looking for a free pattern that will fit your child and that is easy enough, this one’s probably the best you can find. I crocheted this sweater in less than 3 weeks, taking advantage of nap times and evenings in front of the TV. I used a great quality yarn, Cascade Superwash 220 Sport Merinos wool.  While I had to work with a different gauge than what the pattern dictated, it still ended looking great. The hood was probably the trickiest past for me to do, and I really have no idea why. I also added a few rows and stitches for the sleeves, as they looked quite small even if my son is on the skinny side. I did not follow the instructions for the front pouch, which maybe I should have, as mine is square instead of decreasing at the top. If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably add a little more red, have either 2 stripes or a larger one, and include a little flash of red in the sleeves.   Overall, it’s a great pattern and I might use it again someday. Link to the free pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/faster-than-lightning-hoody    

Update on radish leaves plus recipe

April 10, 2014 // 0 Comments

Last Sunday I decided to use up all those radish leaves that were in my garden. Inspired by the Internet and this recipe, I cooked us something from the garden. Below is the recipe.   Radish leaves are edible and taste very fresh.  Their taste is somewhat bitter so if you are not a fan of that I suggest you substitute 1/2 radish leaves for 1/2 basil leaves, or add a tablespoon of something sweet such as maple syrup or honey to cover the bitterness.   Overall, I’m glad I tried a recipe with radish leaves.  Now they won’t get tossed out; they’ll be used to make great pasta dishes!      

Traditional Foods Pantry

April 9, 2014 // 0 Comments

I cook almost everything from scratch.  I very rarely use processed foods, or items that are already prepared, since I always find these are not as tasty and usually contain a bunch of preservatives and unnecessary if not unhealthy ingredients.  I also try to eat organic as much as possible. Last week I stumbled on this post from the Nourished Kitchen: Stocking a traditional foods pantry: what to buy, where to buy it and how to use it  This blog post is really interesting and enlightening.  It is all-inclusive and I love the fact they tell you how you can use the ingredients listed.  I think if you are looking to eat fresh and healthy from your pantry, this is a great article to read.  

Lemon-Raspberry Banana Bread

April 8, 2014 // 0 Comments

It’s Tasty Tuesday! Here is my great Lemon-Raspberry Banana Bread.  It’s easy to make, and delicious!  Plus, it gets rid of these overripe bananas laying on the kitchen counter attracting fruit bugs…

Monday Coffee

April 7, 2014 // 0 Comments

Good morning folks! Today is a great day.  First of all, my wonderful son is still sleeping tight (past 8:15 AM, how lucky) and I just brew the most amazing coffee. While sipping my cup of Joe, I stumbled on this amazing infographic about pros and cons of coffee consumption from there.  Here it is below for your convenience. As with everything in life, coffee is better consumed in moderation.  I think people should investigate the source of their coffee and opt for better quality.  Going organic certainly is a great idea but if you can’t afford it, stick with great quality and good tasting coffee.   Ever since I switched from grocery store coffee to ordering my own from a trusted supplier where I visited the farm, I stopped putting additives like creams and sugar in my cup.  I now drink it black and it really truly tastes much better. Enjoy!

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