NYC Beanie Free Toddler Hat Crochet Pattern

NYC Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Went to NYC for Thanksgiving with my son. Encountered some very cold weather for that period and had to crochet a beanie for my son in a hurry. He already had one that I brought but as I was afraid we’d lose it or that it wouldn’t be warm enough, I winged this hat.

I was surprised by how nice it turned out, especially as I had no pattern and used some leftover yarn. In the end, it is very pretty. I ended up making a small scarf for my toddler to use, although I discovered later on that he doesn’t care much for scarves…

Here’s the beanie pattern.

NYC Beanie


Suggested yarn: 
Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK, in color Sky (grey) and Bluebird (blue).

For more info, go to

Worked with a size D hook.

Worked in joined rounds.
I find that chaining 2 creates less of a hole then when chaining 3 in dc stitches in a hat.  
The increase takes place at the last stitch and the ch2 is “considered” the last stitch in the round since you join the round by slip stitching your last dc in the first dc worked at the beginning of the round.

Fits a toddler (2-4 years).

With color A, start with magic circle.

Row 1: 12 dc.

Row 2: ch 2, 2 dc in next and every stitch, 1 dc [24 st]

Row 3:ch 2, *1dc, 2 dc in same stitch*, 1 dc [36 st]

Row 4; ch 2, *2 dc, 2 dc in same stitch*, 1 dc in last st. [48 st]

Row 5: ch 2, *3 dc, 2 dc in same stitch*, 1 dc in last st. [60 st]

Row 6: ch 2, *4 dc, 2 dc in same stitch*, 1 dc in last st. [72 st]

Row 7: ch 2, *5 dc, 2 dc in same stitch*, 1 dc in last st. [84 st]

Row 8-12: Work in even rows.

Row 13: Switch to color B.

Row 14: Switch to color A.

Row 15: Switch to color B.

Row 16-17: Switch to color A.



Row 18-22: Work rib st (ch2, *fpdc, fbdc*, fpdc)

Fasten off.



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