How to grow melons from fresh seeds

As I was chopping melons a few weeks ago I began to wonder if I could reuse their seeds.  It turns out melons need a long growing season and I might be too late, but because I live in California I think I will give it a shot.   


I prepared the planting pot and added soil. I love to use an old strawberry plastic case to start my seeds because it already has holes in it, the lid can be used to create a more humid and warm climate and it is self-draining.  


I cleaned the seeds, used only the ones that looked healthy. I dried them up to prevent them from rotting and when they looked fine I sow them.   I watered the pot everyday and kept the lid on for the first week.  


When I started to see sprouts I uncovered the lid and let them grow.  While my Internet readings said it could be almost impossible to grow melons from seeds it turned out all of the seeds I planted sprouted.  I let them grow for a few weeks in their pot, and watched them progress daily.  


When most sprouts had more than 3 leaves each I chose to start “hardening them off” but bringing them outside for a bit.   As you know me, it didn’t take long before I forgot to take them back inside by their spot by the kitchen windowsill 🙁  I guess I’m a “cruel” gardener to plants that need hardening off.  That’s why most of my leeks seedlings died 🙁  But that’s another story.  


As of today my melon seedlings have been outside within their seedling pot for close to a week now and I am starting to think about planting them into the ground (maybe tomorrow).  Some melon seedlings got munched by the squirrels so I had to discard them, but most are still doing great.  I’ll see when I transplant them if they’ll make it through the shock.   Hopefully in a few months I’ll have fresh melons!      

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