How to bind off when knitting in the round

I’m new to knitting, and having been a crocheter for over 3 years has me dreading knitting outcomes.  See, I’m quite a good crocheter, and during the last three years I learned a lot regarding this needle art. So I had the feeling that I’d be good at knitting much faster than it’s really happening…

Green Scarf Knitting


It feels scary and liberating at the same time to learn new things. But even though knitting and crochet are both needle arts, they are as different as the art of pastry baking and barbecuing steaks. 

As fastening off a crochet project is a lot easier to me than binding off knits in the round, I had to refer to my good friend YouTube for some insights on my first project.

For your benefit, here is the video that helped me.




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