General Mills buys Annie’s Homegrown for 820M$

This is such a sad news… (Read here: )

I am weary of big corporations, and can’t think about encouraging General Mills who actually spent a lot of money ( 1,135,300$ to be exact) fighting against the right to know about GMOs (aka. prop 37 in California).

I used to buy their organic cheese crackers, but I guess I will have to find an alternative, as I really hate General Mills (here’s my post about how to make your own cereals, and where I share my dislike for the Minnesota corporation). Maybe I should write to Whole Foods, and ask them to retract that brand from their shelves…

It seems like this announcement has made Annie’s Homegrown Facebook page quite popular…  See for yourself:

Oh well, I already pinned posts about how to make your own cheese crackers on my food and recipes board, I guess I’ll just have to get into baking crackers.  Stay put, there might be a new post on homemade crackers soon…


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