Between swatches and gauges

I have decided to make the plunge into knitting and do the impossible, being knitting my first sweater!

This is so exciting, and actually reminds me of an anterior period in my life.  You know, when you were in college and a new semester began…  You’d be so motivated to get the best grade in each of your classes, so you buy all the brand new books and start reading the preface and acknowledgements.  Beginning reading chapter one and two, while highlighting with 5 different colours what you thought was important (each colour ranking how important you thought it would be).  Getting out a brand new notepad and using your best handwriting skills to take notes in class. And by the time you’re at week 4 you’re 2 weeks late and you just give up reading your textbooks and start playing games online while in class…

Well, that how I feel with my knitting right now.  Everything is so new and shiny it feels like I have sparkles in my eyes.  So, with the same dedication to my books I had every new semester, I find myself dedicated to the beginning of my knitting project. 

It took me about 5 days to knit my swatch.  Yeah, really. 5 days.  Even though I obviously didn’t spend every waking hour knitting (I have a toddler to take care of), it probably took me about 10 hours to swatch, all in all.  But you know, just like the teachers tell you you “must” read every single chapter in the required textbooks, knitters swear by swatching and matching gauge.

So here it is, the proof that I am a perfect knitter (or that I will soon lose motivation as this is taking way too long for the amount of patience I possess).



Already, there are signs I will give up being a perfect knitter in the very near future.  On my first try,I didn’t match gauge, so instead of knitting another swatch with different needles I made due using my calculator.

Well… Wait and see!  I’ll post the finished item when it’s done. 

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