Are you consuming enough running shoes?

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First published on October 7th, 2010.


I know it’s been a while, but like everyone else, I was busy with my life’s occupations.  Even if I am still looking for a job in marketing, I realized that my paralleled activities also involved a lot of time.


Talking of extra-curricular activities, I started running again a month ago.  And while increasing my training time and therefore, mileage (hence the lack of time to be writing on this blog), I started to feel some pain in my left heel last week.


So after a week with sore heels, I began to think (finally) that maybe it was time to change my running shoes.  I haven’t calculated my mileage with the shoes I have (a pair of New Balance 768ST) because I was always on and off the field due to different injuries. But I figured out that since I had those shoes for 2 years, maybe it was time for me to buy a new pair of shoes and therefore, contribute to our economy.


And you, are you consuming enough running shoes?  Specialists say that you should change your running shoes each 300-500 miles and that it is better to alternate between 2 or 3 different pairs of shoes to reduce your risks of injury.




Today I had a great run with my new Asics GT-2150 that reminded me why I love Asics shoes so much and wondered why I waited so long to buy new shoes.  I only have another pair to buy to be really listening to the experts and reduce my risk of injury.  With today’s experience with my Asics, I really can’t wait to be consuming another pair of running shoes!


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