7 reasons why I eat organic

When I left my marketing job and moved to California, I became a housewife (read about it here).  With more time on my hands I began analyzing what we were doing and mostly, what we were eating.

While I was concerned about pesticides in conventional foods, it’s only after watching the shocking documentary Food Inc that I decided to make the plunge into organic foods.  Here is why I switched from “conventional” to organic:

  1. Organic meat taste SO much better
    It also lessens your exposure to antibiotics, synthetic hormones and drugs used to treat animals. 
  2. Organic fruits and vegetables taste better
    Can’t argue with that.  When I eat organic raspberries, they taste just like the ones my father used to grow beside our house. Sometimes it even tastes like candy.  When I taste a conventional raspberry, it tastes like pesticides.
  3. It doesn’t use as much pesticides
    Pesticide used has been linked to a lot of diseases. It is NOT safe. “People who have been exposed to pesticides are 70 percent more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than those who haven’t”, according to a 2006 study published in scientific american magazine
  4. It is safer for farmers. 
    Because it doesn’t use as much pesticides, it is a lot healthier for farmers working around crops all day. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 10,000-20,000 farmworkers are poisoned on the job due to pesticide exposure (read more here). Because they are so many illegal immigrants working in fields, my guess would be that these numbers are actually a lot worse than what is being stated there.
  5. There are no GMO’s in organic food
    I am not completely against GMOs.  I believe GMOs can be used for the greater good, like creating new fruits with special qualities such as the ability to ripe more slowly.  But when GMO’s are used to incorporate pesticide-type genes into the food chain, it raises a lot of questions about health concerns.  So right now I’d rather refrain myself from eating GMOs altogether.
  6. Buying organic helps reduce pollution in our drinking water
    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that pesticides pollute drinking water for half the American population (read more here). 
  7. Organic is earth-friendly and sustainable
    Just like pesticides run off plants and get into our water system, it also contaminates earth and soils. Buying organic contributes to a more sustainable agriculture by reducing the quantity of contaminants that gets into the soil.


If you want to make the plunge and go organic, I highly recommend it.  Just do ti, I am convinced you’ll never look back!



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