6 tips on how to grow leeks from seeds

Leeks seedlings

Growing leeks from seeds


A few months ago, I started growing green onions from kitchen scrap. It was so successful that I decided to explore the world of leeks. I also replanted a leek from a kitchen scrap, but at about 5$ a piece I decided to plant leeks from seeds.  It turns out my seeded leeks aren’t doing so great, so once again I turned to the Internet for some insights on how to grow leeks.

Here’s what I found out:

  1. Leeks do better in the cold, but can grow in about any climate.
  2. They prefer sunny spots and need fertile soil along with plenty of water to thrive. (I should fertilize more…)
  3. Seedlings must be “hardened off” before being planted outdoors (here’s my misstep).
  4. Leeks can be planted 6-inch apart and can be used to fill-in empty spots in the garden.
  5. They should be grown in trenches and filled with soil as they grow – called “blanching the stem” (or simply filled with soil, creating mounts around them for the lazy gardener).
  6. Harvest as soon as they’re ready to ensure great taste.



This leek regrown from a kitchen scrap is more than ready to be picked…








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